Individual and Family Care

Expert care to improve function

The goal of Family First Chiropractic is to provide the unique service provided only by chiropractors. Our objective is to correct vertebral subluxations of the spine to enhance bodily function. Vertebral subluxations interfere with the proper function of the spinal cord and the nerve system, thereby, reducing the function of the nervous systems ability to coordinate and control the functions of the body.

Gentle and specific

The techniques used at our office are specific chiropractic spinal adjustments. These adjustments are gentle forces that the body can utilize to allow the correction of spinal distortions (vertebral subluxations). When necessary specific analytical tools like x-ray are used to help in determining the best possible way to correct vertebral subluxations.


From a person’s first visit, we will provide important information that will improve your well-being and support your care in our office.


Welcome to our home. Family First Chiropractic is a peaceful relaxed setting that puts everyone at ease. Here families can spend time together in a restful setting.